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Dr. Raimondo Tornago

Dr. Raimondo Tornago

Attended the B. Pascal di Merano (Bolzano) Scientific High School.

Intern in the pathological anatomy department (manager Prof. P. S. Marcato) in the two years prior to graduating.

Graduated from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Bologna in March 2003, discussing his experimental dissertation on bone cancer in dogs and cats.

Level II Master in Veterinary Oncology from Pisa University in 2010, dissertation “Feline Splenic Mast Cell Tumour”).

In 2013 he won the competition for research master at Bologna University. His research subjects were the potential angiogenesis in main neoplasia in dogs and cats, metronomic chemotherapy and new therapeutic targets in progress in splenic hemangiosarcoma in dogs.

Since 2016 he has been internal medicine manager at the “Città di Bolzano” Veterinary Clinic and since 2015 also at the “Ippodromo di Merano” Clinic, where he also works on equine oncology. Treatment of oral squamous cell carcinoma in a horse by surgical debulking followed by metronomic chemotherapy, VETERINARY EQUINE EDUCATION, 2015)

Training experience: San Marco Veterinary Clinic Padua, “Gregorio VII” Veterinary Hospital Rome, Angel Animal Hospital Boston (USA), Utrecht University (Holland).

Oncology contact for various regional and other veterinary organisations.

Manager of the Red Cross Dog Unit for Alto Adige.

Member of Scivac, Sioncov, Esvonc.